International BIM Object Standard

International BIM Object Standard - Consultation Draft

Over 1,400 industry stakeholders were provided with a link to the International BIM Object Standard Consultation Draft and accompanying Guidance Notes for review during the period 1 – 24 June 2016. The review period is now closed.

NATSPEC thanks everyone who took the time to comment on the draft.

The International BIM Object Standard Consultation Draft was developed in partnership with NBS and Masterspec using the NBS BIM Object Standard as the basis of the core standard.
The Standard is being developed for use by all construction professionals – from specifiers to manufacturers and BIM content developers to assist in the creation of BIM objects. It includes nation-specific annexes to take into consideration local regional differences in regulations, standards and practices.
The Guidance Notes provide additional explanation and guidance on each clause of the standard.

The first edition of the Standard and Guidance Notes will be released after the comments received have been taken into consideration and amendments made in response have been incorporated.

On its release all reviewers will be notified, and it will be freely available for download from this website.


In the January 2017 edition of SPECnotes we advised that the International BIM Object Standard was freely available to download or view on the NATSPEC BIM Portal site.

We are currently trying to agree final aspects of the Standard with our partners before release.  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be notified as soon as it is released.