ACT Govt - Capital Works (CW) and Urban Development (UD) Map

Project name: Capital Works (CW) and Urban Development (UD) Map 2014-2018

Completion/expected completion date: As at 28 Feb 14 the CW & UD map is on-line on the TAMS Intranet, we would have to consider what info is appropriate for a map that was publicly facing & then get the sign off for it to go on the TAMS Internet page (that will take some time)

Main participating organisations: Territory and Municipal Services Directorate (TAMSD), Land Development Agency (LDA)

Project goals and objectives: The objective of the project is to spatial map Capital Works projects, Urban Developments and Heritage Sites to better inform Project Managers and the Land Development Agency of opportunities to co-ordinate projects and maximise the delivery of assets and positive return on Capital investment and reduce the risk to project delivery.

Context: This was driven by the need to better co-ordinate capital assets delivered through land developments and capital works. Additional it was to better inform Project Managers of impacts to their projects due to surrounding projects and reduce the risk in delivering projects for the ACT Government.

Proposed deliverables: The deliverable was to develop an easy to use GIS mapping interface that integrated with our project reporting system (TM1) and the Integrated Asset Management System (IAMS).

Planned 2014 activity: Complete the integration of the TM1 and the IAMS. Develop the GIS map interface system.

Expected audience: The intended audience at this stage is for internal use within Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS). The future planned use is for all ACT Government Directorates. A sanitised version is intended to be publically accessible.

Approach, methodology: This project utilises existing systems – however, it required the systems to be better integrated. This initial work has been completed with testing and controlled use of the system currently underway.

Project contact:
Name: David Roulston
Position: Director of the Operational Support Branch (TAMS)
Tel: 02 6207 6628