NATSPEC BIM Papers and other documents

NATSPEC BIM Papers provide concise coverage of topics associated with BIM implmentation.


NATSPEC BIM Paper 001: BIM and LOD

This BIM Paper provides an introduction to the concept of Level of Development (LOD) and its value in the management of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process.
It includes recommendations about implementing LOD on projects and guidance on developing and interpreting LOD Tables.

NATSPEC BIM Paper 001: BIM and LOD  PDF [1503 KB]     Download

NATSPEC BIM Paper 002: Getting Started with BIM

This BIM Paper is for those who have been seriously considering implementing BIM within their organisation and are now asking ‘What do we do next’? It covers the preparation and planning required by architectural or engineering personnel who want to make implementation happen. It provides generic guidance on the topic and discusses some of the decisions to be made and issues that need to be considered.

NATSPEC BIM Paper 002: Getting Started with BIM  PDF [385 KB]     Download

NATSPEC BIM Paper 003: BIM Project Inception Guide

This BIM Paper assists clients working with their Lead BIM Advisor to clarify and define their BIM requirements at project inception for the purpose of engaging the project team, with the goal of maximising the value of BIM to the project. It is designed to be used with the NATSPEC Project BIM Brief template and NATSPEC National BIM Guide.
The clear definition of BIM requirements prior to engagement allows consultants to scope and price their services more accurately when preparing bids, reducing the risk of having to renegotiate them later.

NATSPEC BIM Paper 003: BIM Project Inception Guide  PDF [554 KB]     Download

NATSPEC BIM Scheduling Guidelines

These Guidelines summarise the findings of the 2010 NATSPEC BIM Scheduling project.

Part A sets out working principles for allocating properties to objects in digital models for scheduling purposes. The aim of these principles is to facilitate a consistent approach to scheduling and thereby improve information exchange in the construction industry.
Part B outlines general concepts associated with schedules that form the basis of the working principles set out in Part A.

NATSPEC BIM Scheduling Guidelines PDF [681 KB]     Download

NATSPEC TECHreport: Information classification systems and the Australian construction industry

This TECHreport provides an overview of some of the information classification systems used in construction industries around the world.

Although not specifically about BIM, many of the classification systems covered are useful tools for organising the content of models and exchanging information.

NATSPEC Classification TECHreport PDF [276 KB]     Download