NATSPEC National BIM Guide

The NATSPEC National BIM Guide is a suite of documents that can be used to implement BIM on a project. To work effectively, the documents should be compiled in a coordinated way and read in conjunction with each other.

The documents in the suite are:

NATSPEC National BIM Guide and Project BIM Brief Template: These two documents work in tandem. The National BIM Guide is the central reference document that defines roles and responsibilities, collaboration procedures, approved software, modelling requirements, digital deliverables and documentation standards for projects in general. It also provides guidance on a number of uses for BIM.

The NATSPEC Project BIM Brief Template provides a means of documenting client requirements regarding BIM for individual projects. It has places to enter descriptive details of the project such as its location and to specify what BIM deliverables and uses the client expects. It is also used to record what standards from the NATSPEC BIM Reference Schedule are to apply. Like other briefing documents, it outlines the scope of services required for the project and allows the project team to formulate an effective response.

NATSPEC National BIM Guide and Project BIM Brief Template [722 KB]     Download

NATSPEC BIM Reference Schedule: A list of documents and standards provided for consideration as references that can be cited in the National BIM Guide. The specific documents chosen to be applicable to a project are recorded in the Project BIM Brief.

NATSPEC Reference Schedule [84 KB]     Download


NATSPEC BIM Object/Element Matrix: A series of Microsoft Excel (.xls) worksheets that defines a large number of objects and elements and their properties by Uniformat/OmniClass classification and Level of Development (LOD) at different stages in the building’s lifecycle.

NATSPEC BIM Object/Element Matrix [7 MB]     Download


National BIM Guide Structure

The intent of the Guide's structure is to allow each edition of the National BIM Guide to function as a core reference document and to confine all editing to the Project BIM Brief. This allows the National BIM Guide to be tailored to individual projects while allowing it to be progressively upgraded in response to users’ needs from edition to edition within a consistent, recognisable framework.

Also see the NATSPEC BIM Management Plan Template, a companion document to the National BIM Guide. Together, the documents represent a substantial resource for anyone planning a project based on BIM and collaborative work practices such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).