AIA - BIM Survey

Project name: BIM Survey.   

Completion/expected completion date: November 2013.

Main participating organisations: Attendees of the 2013 National BIM Seminar Series.

Project goals and objectives: To obtain Institute members’ opinions of about its role in dialogues about BIM and their preferences for BIM-related events.

Context: A follow-up survey was issued to attendees of the seminar series in an attempt to ascertain future expectations from the Institute in this field. Results showed that the majority (81.95%) of attendees were Architects from medium sized firms, around 7% of the attendees were consultants. There was a firm response from the attendees that it is the role of the Institute to develop and lead the discussions around BIM for architects and that these discussions should be available to the whole AEC industry. Most would prefer for future events to be in a case study and discussion format and as a 1-2 hour breakfast or lunch event. The second preferred format was for a full day conference. Approximately 45% of the attendees would like to participate in an online discussion forum.

Proposed deliverables: Seminar attendees’ opinions about the role of the Institute in developing and leading discussions around BIM for architects, and information about their preferences for the format of future events.

Planned 2014 activity: A second National BIM Seminar Series.

Expected audience: Institute policy-makers and event planners.

Project contact:
Name: Carmel McCormack
Position: General Manager Membership & Programs
Tel: 03 8620 3877