AIA - WA BIM Committee

Project name: Western Australian BIM committee.

Completion/expected completion date: On-going.

Main participating organisations: Representatives from Architecture, Engineering, Government, Education, Legal, Construction, Manufacturing and Cost Control.

Project goals and objectives: To improve standardisation, education and demystification of BIM in Australia.

Context: Recognition of the increasing impact of BIM on architectural and procurement practices.

Proposed deliverables: Clear, practical advice and guidance on all matters relating to BIM.

Planned 2014 activity: Results-driven monthly meetings. Preparation of case studies from the committee’s collective experiences in BIM. They will be generic in nature, and not identify actual projects on which they may be based. Projects of three different values are being considered for case studies: Low (up to $20M), mid ($21M - $400M) and high (over $400M).

Expected audience: All sectors using BIM in Australia.

Approach, methodology: Utilising the Committee members’ diverse expertise, sharing experiences and ideas from across all sectors using BIM in Australia.

Project contact:
Name: Richard Currie
Position: Chair of the BIM committee
Tel: 08 9381 6788