ICIS - International BIM Education Report

Project name: International BIM Education report

Completion/expected completion date: Updated annually since January 2014. 

Main participating organisations: ICIS members and Asian organisations.

Project goals and objectives: To understand BIM education internationally and to share this information with international respondents to assist strategic planning with regard to BIM.

Context: Contributors either described the current level of BIM awareness/use in their country or the current level of training/tertiary education available.

Proposed deliverables: A report of findings available free at the NATSPEC website.

Expected audience: Educators. Professional organisations.

Approach, methodology: Questions were emailed to members of ICIS and others associated with BIM education. Responses were compiled and incorporated into the report.

Project contact:
Name: Kevin Rooney
Position: Senior Engineer
Tel: 02 9321 7200

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