QUT-ARC - Linking BIM, Specifications and BOQs

Project name: QUT ARC Linking BIM, Specifications and BOQs.

Responsible organisation: QUT.

Project objectives: NATSPEC is a partner in this Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage project which is examining the link between BIM, construction specifications and cost plans. The objectives of the research are to:

  1. Establish new and better ways of communicating complex technical information between members of the building design team, especially at early stages of design, by making currently implicit information explicit. It focuses on exchange of information between the architect and cost planner/quantity surveyor as a key relationship;
  2. To support the definition of dependencies between building components and products to ensure that requirements expressed in the drawings or specification are met appropriately and consistently. The focus will be on the relationship between the model as the source for the generation of construction drawings and specifications as an explicit textual description of requirements;
  3. Implement software that demonstrates the achievement of the two goals above and that is sufficiently robust to be used in a commercial environment for the domains noted. This software will automate or semi-automate the addition of information to BIM to support specification writing and cost planning.