Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie)

COBie is an information exchange specification for the life-cycle capture and delivery of information needed by facility managers. With this use in mind, COBie links information about building systems and assets to the spaces or locations from where they can be accessed.

The process of creating COBie deliverables follows the same processes used in current design and construction practice, but COBie transforms the information provided in paper documents, or proprietary electronic formats, to an open, standard format that can be re-used through the project.

In its simplest form COBie can be implemented in simple spreadsheets, making it accessible to anyone with basic computer skills. It can also be viewed in design, construction, and maintenance software. Over twenty commercial off the shelf software products support COBie. This versatility allows COBie to be used on all projects regardless of size and technological sophistication.

Useful COBie links

For an introductory video, click here.

An overview of COBie with links to resources. See 'Templates and Additional Resources' for US versions of COBie templates with Omniclass codes under the ‘pick list’ tab. (See links to UK versions with Uniclass codes below.)

Another general overview of COBie and links to resources

The COBie Guide includes many schedules of plant and equipment parameters/properties.
The download link is near the bottom of the page.

COBie UK 2012. The main difference between COBie UK and the US version is that it uses the Uniclass classification system and the US one uses Omniclass.

COBie 2012 UK Template Repository

COBie Linkedin Group: You will find posts by COBIe experts and developers here.