Project name: New Zealand BIM Handbook

Completion/expected completion date: 2014

Main participating organisations: NATSPEC was commissioned to produce a draft document for the NZ BIM Handbook Sub-Committee of the National Technical Standards Committee as part of the New Zealand Government Building and Construction Sector Productivity Partnership initiative.

Project goals and objectives: To create an industry wide Handbook that could be used to achieve the following:

  • Promote the use of BIM throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Create a common language for the industry to use.
  • Clarify the briefing process for designers and constructors.
  • Improve the level of coordination in both design and construction phases.
  • Create a clear path for the future development of the industry.

Context: The New Zealand Government had a desire to increase the productivity of the building sector. Formalised adoption of a BIM approach to building design, construction and operation was seen as one way of achieving this.

Proposed deliverables: A National BIM Handbook.

Planned 2014 activity: Incorporation of stakeholder feedback in a final draft and delivery to the Handbook Sub-Committee.

Expected audience: NZ industry stakeholders.

Approach, methodology: Literature review, desktop research, stakeholder workshops and stakeholder and Sub-Committee reviews of drafts.

Project contact:
Name: Neil Greenstreet
Position: Senior Architect
Tel: 02 9321 7200

Project name: International BIM Education report

Completion/expected completion date: Updated annually since January 2014. 

Main participating organisations: ICIS members and Asian organisations.

Project goals and objectives: To understand BIM education internationally and to share this information with international respondents to assist strategic planning with regard to BIM.

Context: Contributors either described the current level of BIM awareness/use in their country or the current level of training/tertiary education available.

Proposed deliverables: A report of findings available free at the NATSPEC website.

Expected audience: Educators. Professional organisations.

Approach, methodology: Questions were emailed to members of ICIS and others associated with BIM education. Responses were compiled and incorporated into the report.

Project contact:
Name: Kevin Rooney
Position: Senior Engineer
Tel: 02 9321 7200

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Project name: NATSPEC BIM Portal.

Completion/expected completion date: On-going.

Main participating organisations: Industry experts as required.

Project goals and objectives:

  • To provide free access to downloadable NATSPEC BIM documents.
  • To provide a reliable source of relevant BIM resources, including tools and educational tutorials.
  • To provide details of BIM research and development projects that NATSPEC is associated with.

Context: There are numerous websites, blogs, etc devoted to BIM, and no lack of information about BIM in general. For industry stakeholders wanting to implement BIM, finding relevant information can be time-consuming. The NATSPEC BIM Portal developed in 2011 selectively provides information for this purpose, with a focus on open standards that can be applied regardless of the software used.

Proposed deliverables: Information resources, downloadable documents and tools.

Planned 2014 activity: On-going updating and development of content.

Expected audience: All design, construction and facility management stakeholders.

Project contact:
Name: Neil Greenstreet
Position: Senior Architect
Tel: 02 9321 7200

Project name: NATSPEC BIM Project Inception Guide

Completion/expected completion date: Late 2014

Main participating organisations: Industry stakeholders

Project goals and objectives: To provide a framework for discussions between the client and lead consultant at project inception to assist them clarify and define their BIM requirements; with the goal of maximising the value and benefits of BIM to the project. Immediate goals include describing a process for identifying owner’s expectations regarding deliverables and uses of BIM.

NATSPEC believes a common framework will assist the smooth adoption of BIM.

Proposed deliverables: Documented BIM guidelines appropriate for Australian industry.

Planned 2014 activity: Industry review of draft Inception Guide and publication of final document in June 2014. To be available for free at the NATSPEC website.

Expected audience: All industry stakeholders making strategic decisions about the implementation of BIM.

Approach, methodology: NATSPEC developed draft guidelines with input from industry experts as required. Industry review of draft. Incorporation of industry feedback in final documentation and publication.

Project contact:
Name: Neil Greenstreet
Position: Senior Architect
Tel: 02 9321 7200

Project Name: Good Practice Guide for Building Information

Completion/expected completion date: Mid 2014

Project goals and objectives: The development of a technical guide which provides insight into the types of building information utilised in facilities management. It aims to set out the terms and definitions of building information which is utilised in the efficient and effective operational management of the facilities. It also provides the types of information required for differing purposes within the context of strategic, tactical and operational facilities management.

Proposed deliverables: The project aims to deliver both an electronic and hard copy guide book, including some specific checklists in worksheet format. The guide provides a range of pro forma and checklists for ensuring the type of information required to operate a facility has been identified.

Planned 2014 activity: Release of GPG.

Expected audience: The audience for the guide books are primarily facilities managers, however, architects and property owners are also key stakeholders.

Approach, methodology: Research developed report, industry expert moderated and published by FMA.

Project contact:
Name: John Casey
Position: National Policy Coordinator
Tel: 03 8641 6601